By Rob Schurko, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, October 2000
Welcome to a virtual tour of the University of Windsor Campus during the fall. Virtual tour, of course, is just a fancy way of saying, "Here are some pictures of the campus." If you want a closer look, just click on the thumbnails below.
Assumption Church (left picture) is one of the older buildings on campus. It is pictured on the right next to Ambassador Bridge, which goes from Windsor to Detroit (which is located to the north). Pictures of the bridge going across the water are shown below.
Dieppe Park and the "whimsical" Windsor Sculpture Garden are located just off of campus. From here, one can get fantastic day and night views of Detroit. The park has a good biking/rollerblading trail which continues East of campus past downtown all the way to the Hiram Walker Distillery.
Another older building at the University of Windsor is Dillon Hall, which sits essentially in the centre of campus. The CAW Centre, which has the student cafeteria, conference rooms and a number of businesses is pictured in the far right photograph next to Dillon Hall.
The central picture below is a main traffic-free street running info campus. If you were walking down this street, and looked to the left, you would see Essex Hall, which houses the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Physics and Engineering. If you looked to the right, you would see Lambton tower, which houses a number of departments:
The centre of campus is very nice as well, with plenty of trees, flowers and statues. You can catch glimpses of Essex Hall and Dillon Hall in the pictures below.
Memorial, another older building, is located near the centre of campus, and is home to Earth Sciences. One of the newer buildings on campus is the Odette Building, which is home to the Business Students. Odette is on the edge of campus on Wyandotte St., where one finds a plethora of really nice little restaurants and a couple of student pubs.

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Last modified on July 6, 2001.
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