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My research area is solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance.  If you click below, you can download an introductory set of notes I use at the end of my NMR course to show the students a bit about solid-state NMR.

Click here to download Rob Schurko's Introductory Solid State NMR Notes (Adobe Acrobat format)

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Soild-State NMR
  • Magic-angle spinning
  • NMR interaction tensors
  • Dipolar interaction
  • Chemical shielding
  • Quadrupolar nuclei

Please also visit our research pages, where you can find information on all of the solid-state NMR projects in our laboratory.

  • Click here for more information about solid-state NMR in Canada
  • Click here for an international listing of solid-state NMR research groups.

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