59-340 Quantum Chemistry


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Instructional Materials

Donald A. McQuarrie, Quantum Chemistry, University Science Books, Sausalito, CA, 1983. ISBN 978‑0‑935702‑13‑2, 1983, 517 pages, 6 X 9 1/4", casebound

Donald A. McQuarrie, Solutions Manual for Quantum Chemistry, University Science Books, Sausalito, CA, 1983. ISBN 0‑935702‑16‑4, 1985, 256 pages, paper

1. Scientific calculator
2. Web access: http://mutuslab.cs.uwindsor.ca/schurko/quantum/

Course Objectives

1. To obtain an understanding of the principles of introductory quantum mechanics, and understand the application of these principles to understanding chemical and physical phenomena.
2. To develop in the student the ability to solve quantitative problems.
3. To promote original thought on the part of the student and encourage the use of logic in the solution of problems.
4. To develop an ability in the student to learn and work independently.

Tutorials/Laboratory Sessions

Tutorial sessions are scheduled as the term progresses and will be announced the week prior to their occurrence.

Material covered in this course

See the notes page for all material, reading assignments and problem sets.

Mark Breakdown:

Mid-term 1
Mid-term 2
Problem Sets (5)
Final Exam

Letter Grades:

93-100 A+
76-79.9 B+
66-69.9 C+
56-59.9 D+
36-49.9 F



87-92.9 A
73-75.9 B
63-65.9 C
53-55.9 D
0-35.9 F-





80-86.9 A-
70-72.9 B-
60-62.9 C-
50-52.9 D-

Tips for success in Quantum Chemistry

1. Attend lectures - pay attention, make notes, ask questions.
2. Review notes soon after the lecture. Summarize each lecture, look for major concepts.
3. Download equation sheets, and use for working on problems.
4. Complete problem sets that are assigned each class. Do not get behind in completing problem sets, you will be overwhelmed by mid-term if you do this! Complete List A problems with the aid of the solution manual, then try the List B problem!
5. Attend tutorials, complete problems assigned at tutorials.
6. Check out animations on the website, visualize tricky concepts!
7. Arrange for consultation times for problems you do not understand.

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