Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Chemistry 59-542/59-445

Instructor: Dr. Robert Schurko, 393A Essex Hall, rschurko@uwindsor.ca
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor; Quantum mechanics recommended

Section 1: Basics of NMR

Lecture 1: NMR in Context: Spectroscopy; History of NMR; Nuclear Spin
Lecture 2: Nuclear Magnetism, Rotating Frame
Lecture 3: Spin Operators and Hamiltonians
Lecture 4: Classical vs. QM Pictures
Lecture 5: The Density Matrix

Section 2: Fourier Transform NMR & The NMR Spectrometer

Lecture 6: How do we observe NMR? CW vs. Pulsed FT NMR
Lecture 7: Bloch Equations; Fourier Transforms
Lecture 8: Spectral Analysis and Data Manipulation
Lecture 9: The NMR Spectrometer; Practical Considerations
Lecture 10: Pulse Sequences; Phase Cycling

Midterm 1

Section 3: NMR Interactions, Relaxation and Exchange

Lecture 11: NMR Interactions: Introduction, Quadrupolar Interaction
Lecture 12: Chemical Shielding
Lecture 13: NMR Interactions: Spin-Spin Coupling: J and Dipolar
Lecture 14: Spin Systems: A2, AX AB; Magnetic and Chemical Equivalence
Lecture 15: Relaxation in NMR
Lecture 16: Mechanisms of Relaxation
Lecture 17: Chemical Exchange and NMR

Section 4:  Advanced Topics in NMR

Lecture 18: Spin Coherences: Chemical Shift- and J-Evolution
Lecture 19: Double Resonance: Proton Decoupling
Lecture 20: Spectral Editing: APT, DEPT, INEPT

Midterm 2

Lecture 21: Introduction to 2D NMR
Lecture 22: COSY and HETCOR Experiments
Lecture 23: Special topics in 2D NMR
Lecture 24: Solid-state NMR
Special applications of NMR: Student Reports

Final Exam

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