• Fidwin - Simulates an FT NMR experiment - multiple spins, interactive processing - for PCs
  • Spin System Simulator - Graphical density matrix treatment of one spin, AX homonuclear and heteronuclear spin systems

NMR Animations

General Animations

NMR Animations from ETH Zurich (animated gifs from Dr. Beat Meier's research group)

General animations

Click these links for more general physical chemistry and optical spectroscopy animations!

Note that animations marked with an Asterisk are from the amazing website of Francois Sauriol at Queen's University - an excellent online NMR textbook.  Most of these require Shockwave or Flash.  Further animated gifs can be found at the NMR web book of Joseph Hornak entitled "The Basics of NMR" - highly recommended for beginners and experts in NMR!

Quicktime Movies

Problem Sets & Assignments
Problem Sets - Available for students of 59-542 and 59-445 only
  • Problem Set #1 -  Nuclear Spin, Angular Momentum , Magnetic Moments and RF Irradiation
  • Problem Set #2 - Quantum Mechanics and NMR, Semi-Classical Picture, Density Matrix Theory
  • Problem Set #3 - General features of the NMR experiment: FID, relaxation, sensitivity, Fourier transform & processing
  • Problem Set #4 - NMR Spectrometer
  • Problem Set #5 - NMR Interactions: Chemical Shift, Quadrupolar, Dipolar and J-coupling
  • Problem Set #6 - NMR Interactions: Relaxation and Chemical Exchange
  • Problem Set #7 - Spin Coherences, Spectral Editing and Two-Dimensional NMR (this is a big one!)
  • Problem Set #8 - Solid-State NMR (not in 59-542)

Assignments & Old Exams

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