The preliminary program and abstracts are now available:

Tutorial/overview lectures

This year there will be four tutorial lectures, which include sets of notes for undergraduate and graduate students.  So far, our volunteer tutors are:
Glenn Facey (University of Ottawa):
    Spectral Processing
Vlad Ladizhansky (University of Guelph):
    Cross Polarization - a coherent perspective
Giuseppe Melacini (McMaster University):
    Protein NMR: What it can do for you & what you can do for it
Rod Wasylishen (University of Alberta):
    NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei

Faculty who are interested in presenting a tutorial or overview of some area in NMR should contact Rob Schurko at their earliest convenience.

Lecture information

Lecture slots are 20 minutes long, tutorial slots are 40 minutes long.  Be sure to include some time for questions.  Participants will be informed of the length of their time slot in the schedule.

Poster Information

Poster dimensions should be no larger than ca. 4' x 4'.

Preliminary Schedule

Friday Oct. 3, 2008
8 - 11 pm - Informal mixer at Patrick O'Ryan's Pub (located right across from the Travelodge Hotel)
Free food will be provided!

Saturday Oct. 4, 2008
8:00 am - Registration opens
8:45 am - Morning lectures begin
10:30 am - Coffee
12:10 pm - Lunch
1:40 pm - Afternoon lectures begin
3:20 pm - Coffee
5:00 pm - Poster session
7:30 pm - Banquet

Sunday Oct. 5, 2008
8:45 am - Morning lectures begin
10:30 am - Coffee
12:30 pm - Closing remarks