About the MOOT

What MOOT is all about

The MOOT mini-symposium is an annual regional gathering of NMR spectroscopists, mainly from Ontario and Quebec, but more recently from all over Canada. The purpose of the MOOT symposium is to provide an environment for presentation and discussion of new work from all areas of NMR spectroscopy. The conference is quite casual in nature, and focuses on (i) giving students and post-docs a chance to present their research in a friendly environment; (ii) facilitating meetings and collaborations between scientists and students from different institutes; and (iii) having an excellent banquet and a few drinks with your NMR compatriots.

MOOT in Windsor

The University of Windsor is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada's southernmost city, which is directly across the river from Detroit, Michigan. Because of Windsor's unique geographical location, we will (for the first time in the history of MOOT) actively invite and welcome American guests to the MOOT! We have a number of interested research groups from Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and other mid-west states, and anticipate a superb meeting of two important NMR communities in North America.

MOOT History

Prompted by the exciting growth in the NMR field in the 1980's, local NMR discussion groups sprung up in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. There were enough interested people in these areas to form a regular audience of 15 to 20 people. The first of these was organized by Charlie Rodger and Alex Bain, and was modeled on the long-established NMR Discussion Group in Britain. Informality was the key - the aim was to get together and learn about the new 2D NMR methods from each other, plus the usual gossip. Meetings were held on an evening at Bruker Canada in Milton (courtesy of Martin Smith), Syntex in Mississauga (organized by Valerie Robertson) or at Xerox in Sheridan Park (hosted by Gord Hamer). Similar meetings were set up in Ottawa, organized by Barbara Blackwell, John Saunders and Chris Ratcliffe (among others), and in Montreal, through the efforts of Mike Bernstein, Howard Hunter and Laurie Colebrooke. It was then Mike Bernstein's initiative to get these local groups to come together for an annual meeting.

What does MOOT mean?

One of the major problems of the local meetings (which was never solved) was finding a cute name.  NMR is full of acronyms, but no-one came up with a good one for the meeting.  Finally, the name MOOT was coined by Mike, since most of the early participants were from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. The name has stuck, even though attendance has stretched from Brandon to Halifax. The first meeting took place in Montreal in October 1988.

MOOT Chronology

2008 Windsor
2007 Sainte-Adele (Merck Frosst)
2006 Guelph

2005 Hamilton (McMaster)
2004 Kingston (Queens)
2003 Quebec (Laval)
2002 Ottawa (NRC)
2001 Sherbrooke
2000 Toronto
1999 Montreal (McGill)
1998 Waterloo
1997 Kingston (Queens)
1996 Quebec (Laval)
1995 Ottawa (U. of Ottawa)
1994 Guelph
1993 St. Sauveur (Merck Frosst)
1992 Mississauga (Syntex, Xerox)
1991 Kingston (Queens)
1990 Ottawa (NRC)
1989 Hamilton (McMaster)
1988 Montreal (NRC-BRI)