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Marking Scheme - Winter 2006
Mark Breakdown:
Mid-term 1 20% Mid-February
Mid-term 2 20% Mid-March
Assignments 10%  
Final Exam 50% Date TBA
Letter Grades:
93-100 A+ 87-92.9 A 80-86.9 A-
76-79.9 B+ 73-75.9 B 70-72.9 B-
66-69.9 C+ 63-65.9 C 60-62.9 C-
56-59.9 D+ 53-55.9 D 50-52.9 D-
36-49.9 F 0-35.9 F-    

A. Attendance is VERY IMPORTANT to be successful in this course. You must keep up with the material as the semester progresses.

B. To arrange consultation time with Dr. Schurko, please make an appointment by email. Office hours are quite flexible and can be adjusted around your schedule of classes and labs.

C. You MUST study outside of class. Outside work should include reading assigned material, doing assigned questions and problems, reviewing lecture notes, correcting errors made in past work, etc. For every 1 hour of lecture, 1-2 hours should be spent outside of class. Physical chemistry requires study, practice and drill.

D. Adequate lecture notes should be taken. These notes should be reviewed as soon as possible after each class meeting. The student is encouraged to consult with the instructor about any material that is unclear.

E. Exams missed due without an official excused absence will result in a grade of zero. Only students with an official excused absence will be given the opportunity to make-up an exam. If for health or personal reasons an exam must be missed, you must notify Dr. Schurko by phone or email within 12 hours before or after the exam.

F. All students are required to take the final examination in order to receive a passing grade in the course. No notebooks, texts or cheat sheets are allowed in the examination or mid-terms. Students caught cheating will receive an automatic grade of zero and will be subject to academic discipline.

Last Updated Tuesday January 03, 2006
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