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For other animations, please visit my Physical Chemistry Animation Page
For NMR animations, please visit my NMR Animations Page

If you know of other interesting animations that can be included on this page, please email

This is a collection of animations from across the world wide web - acknowledgement is given below to the people who worked very hard to create these beautiful interactive applets and websites which demonstrate a variety of principles in quantum mechanics and spectroscopy.

Online Animations

Linked Animations

Excel Spreadsheet Tutorials
A collection of Excel spreadsheets (for PCs), some from the J. Chem. Ed. webware collection, which have nice tutorials built into the familiar Excel environment (must have Excel 97 or later).  Most appear to be written by William F. Coleman at Wellesley College.  You may left click to activate the program within Internet Explorer, or right click to save the Excel spreadsheets to your computer.

Last Updated Wednesday February 08, 2006
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