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Useful Links

Useful links of physical chemistry websites, data tables, educational sites and other relevant tidbits will be posted here as the year progresses.

If you would like to suggest a link, or notify me of a broken link, please email to

General Links:

NIST: Constants, Units and Uncertainty - excellent physical chemistry resource!
NIST: Chemistry Web Book - useful physical data (useful for assignments)
Korean Physical Chemistry Animations - Play with these interactive animations
NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory - Javascript animations demonstrating a variety of concepts
UCI Physical Chemistry Applets - Java animations from the U. of California at Irvine
Chemistry Java Applets from UC Davis - Large collection of applets (some of which do not function)
PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway - great collection of web resources

Lecture Related Links and Animations:

Useful Information for 59-240 - physical constants, units, etc.
Periodic Table of the Elements - printable, from
Printable Table of Physical Constants - useful for homework problems
Equation Summaries - Collections of problems useful for problems and exams, from Atkins
Summary of Partial Differentials and Other Useful Mathematics - pdf format

59-240 Animation Page - a collection of phys. chem. animations "borrowed" from the internet
Gas Law Tutorial Index
- excellent set of animations and figures about basic properties of gases
Ideal Gas Law - A Javascript animation by Aspire - try increasing and decreasing the temperature
Phase Diagrams - Ceramic Webbook by NIST, all sorts of useful definitions and illustrations
Atkins Physical Chemistry Website - website for the 7th edition with some extra tools & information

Historical Figures in Physical Chemistry:

Robert Boyle - Boyle's Law, Ideal Gases
Jacques Charles - Charles' Law, Ideal Gases, Hot Air Balloons!
John Dalton - Atomic Theory, Partial Pressures, Laws of Definite and Multiple Proportions
James Clerk Maxwell - Electromagnetic Theory (Maxwell's equ'ns), Statistical Distributions in Gases
Ludwig Boltzmann - Statistical Mechnanics
J.D. van der Waals - van der Waals interactions, general equation of state for gases

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