59-240 Introductory Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry Animations

Most of these animations are either Javascript or Shockwave animations.

Chapter 1: Gases

Phases of Matter at the Molecular Level (L1) - Java
Phases of Matter and Containers (L1) - Shockwave
Phases of Water - Java
Motion of Particles in Solids - Shockwave ISU
Ideal Gas Law (L2) - Java
Plotting the Ideal Gas Law (L2) - Java MSU
Elastic Collisions of Hard Spheres (L1)  - Java
Brownian Motion (L1) - Java
Ideal Atmosphere - (L3) Java - Phys. Chem. & Atmospheric Sciences UCI
Molecular Weights, Pressure & Average Molecular Speeds (L3) - Java
Maxwell Distribution (L3) - Java
Maxwell Distribution (L3) - UC Davis 
Kinetic Molecular Theory (L2, L3) - UC Davis
Van der Waals forces (L4)

Chapters 2: First Law (Ch. 2&3, 7th ed.)

Cylinder Piston - Java - Long download, 1.6 MB - only on T1 or cable modem - UBuffalo - updated - Web
Gas and piston (L7) - Korea - Web
Gas in a piston - Shockwave - Web
Heat Capacity of a Calorimeter - Java
Bomb Calorimeter (L6) - Animated Gif
Combustion of Hydrocarbon Gases (L8) - Shockwave  ISU
Heat Capacity of Metals
(L6) (Metals in Water) - Shockwave ISU
Heat of Reaction
(L8) - Shockwave ISU
Heat of Solution (L8) - Shockwave

Chapters 3: Second Law (Ch. 4&5, 7th ed.)

Second Law of Thermodynamics (L10) - Java UCI
Nature of Irreversibility - The Happy Molecules (L10) - Java UCI
Carnot Heat Engine (L10) - Java
Another Carnot Heat Engine (L10) - Java
Yet another Carnot engine (L10) - Shockwave
Simpsons clip (L10)

Chapter 4: Transformations (Ch. 6, 7th ed.)

Phase Transitions of Pure Elements in the Periodic Table - (L14) Java MSU
Superfluidic Helium (Youtube video) (L14)
Basilisk lizard - (L15) surface tension - AVI
Phase transformations - (L15) interactive 1-component phase diagrams
Dissolution of NaCl in Water - Shockwave ISU

Chapter 5: Mixtures (Ch. 7, 7th ed.)

Mixing of gases and effusion* - Prentice Hall
Raoult's Law - vapour pressure experiment (IA State)
Henry's Law - dissolving oxygen in water
The effects of osmosis on cells*
More effects of osmosis on cells*
Solutes, solvents and osmosis*
- molecules move from higher to lower concentration*
Osmosis in a cell*
Osmosis and gas diffusion*
Reverse osmosis*
- for water purification

Chapter 6: Phase Diagrams (Ch. 8, 7th ed.)

Interactive Phase Diagrams - University of Southampton*
Phase Rules - J.B. Calvert, University of Denver, nice pictures & write-ups*
DoITPoMS Micrograph Library & Phase Diagrams - University of Cambridge*
Memory Metals - UWisc, Madison
Memory metal movie, phase transition - UWisc, Madison

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