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Here are some pictures around Windsor in October of 2000. They include shots from downtown and Dieppe Park and Malden Park. Click on the thumbnails below - enjoy!
Downtown Windsor
Here is a shot of Ouelette St. at night in downtown Windsor. This is the big "night life" street which attracts tons of American kids over the border (due to the lower drinking age in Canada). Windsor's Chrysler Theatre, which is located near the river, is where the symphony plays and a number other productions take place. Another big tourism draw is the Windsor Casino - tons of Americans stream over the border for the chance at tax-free winnings.
Here is another shot of Ouelette St. during the late afternoon. The downtown area is always busy on weekends due to the large number of pubs, nightclubs and restaurants. Right across the river from Windsor is Detroit. Joe Louis Arena and Comerica Park (where the Tigers play) are about a five minute drive from the University. The famous Hiram-Walker Distillery is located in the historic Walkerville district of Windsor, which has nice old houses and beautiful parks..
Windsor Lancers Football
Here are some pics of the Windsor Lancers football team.  A few years ago, they were perennial losers, but they made the playoffs a few times in the past couple of years.
Malden Park
In the centre of Windsor is Malden Park, which has beautiful nature trails for hiking and mountain biking, as well as toboggan hills.
The duckpond is at one end of Malden Park, and is home to a variety of waterfowl. The fall weather is fantastic here in Canada's tropical "Banana Belt". Malden Park is built over top of a "Sanitary Waste Disposal Area". It is a good thing the park is here, and not some garbage dump.
Here is a picture of Detroit and downtown Windsor from the top of one of the hills in Malden Park. As you can see, Windsor is a very tree-filled city. Here is another shot from a different hill. You can see the Ambassador Bridge on the left, and some university buildings on the right. This is one of the artificial hills used for tobogganing in the winter. I guess the hills are built from garbage - just like Winnipeg,Windsor is as flat as a pancake. A bit less cold though...
Here are some pictures of some of the trails and fauna in the park. You can make a five minute drive from the University, and be in this fantastic location!

Last modified on May 22, 2005
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