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Here are some photos taken from the Open House at the University of Windsor. A large number of displays and activities were taking place, and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry had an active role. Events from all over campus are below - click on the thumbnails below for a better look!
(Left) Mike Fuerth and a number of student volunteers were available for tours of the Chemistry Department. They're posed here in the NMR room, along with Mike's wonderful plants.

(Right) Chris Ong extols the virtues of glove boxes to some interested listeners.
(Left) Prof. Mutus describes computer images of biomolecules - he speaks with such vigour that the camera could not pick up his rapid hand movements.

(Right) Prof. Pandey observes "cell death" under the microscope. An eager observer waits for a glimpse.
(Left) Prof. Lee wows the kids (future chemists?) with her chemistry magic show

(Right) Prof. Ananvoranich (I hope I spelled that correctly...) looks on with her daughter.
(Left) Musical performances, including this jazz quartet, were given at the CAW students centre.

(Right) Alternatively, one could actually take a dance class at the drama school. Fortunately for onlookers, I did not have to participate in this event.
(Left) In the Earth Sciences department, liquid nitrogen ice cream was made for the crowd.

(Right) The physics department provided a number of cool demonstrations, including this miniature Aurora Borealis experiment.
(Left) The law school provided a mock trial from the rum runner days in Windsor.

(Right) Since Windsor is Canada's motor city, the engineering departments had automobile showcases all over campus, including this one in front of the Essex building.

Last modified on November 21, 2000.
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