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On August 13, 2001, Larry Brauser, an installation engineer from Varian, came down to Windsor to begin the console installation.. 

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This is the main part of the console housing the amplifiers, PTS frequency synthesizer, pulse programmer, etc. etc..

Ivan is seen fooling around with the new SUN Workstation.  He will have to get use to sitting in that chair for long periods of time.

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Larry hooks up our 4 mm double-resonance HX probe for testing

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The first signal observed on our system is the 79Br signal from solid potassium bromide (KBr), which is also used to tune the magic angle.

Unforunately, the high power proton amp blew the following Tuesday, so the installation was delayed until September 11, 2001.  More pics will be posted soon!

As of October 28, 2001, our NMR spectrometer has been operational, and the renovations are completed
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Here are Andy and Ivan tuning the magic-angle using 79Br MAS NMR

Another picture of the NMR room showing our liquid nitrogen boil off Dewar, which we use for low temperature experiments and air-sensitive samples

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Our new workbenches are shown on the left hand side, where we prepare samples and perform repairs and checks on equipment