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One of the major aspects of creating an NMR room is getting the room prepared for installation.  This involves a huge list of preparative steps, including:

- electrical work
- air conditioning
- compressed air piping
- new plumbing
- room renovations


Also, there are a number of steps to take before site installation, to make sure that the system can be moved into the NMR room, and set up properly - the room must be a rigid set of physical conditions as well.

Here is the room initially:

thumb_futurenmrroom.jpg (3638 bytes)

Here is the NMR room after a number of renovations have taken place:roomrenov_small.jpg (24319 bytes)



door_small.jpg (22978 bytes)

Looking the other way in the NMR room

The electrical panel and wiring have to be able to handle very large currents

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A new air conditioning system keeps the room dry and at a constant cool temperature

aircon_small.jpg (38408 bytes)

install_small.jpg (46774 bytes)

Then, the magnet installation kit arrives, and we are nearly set to go!





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