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In the spring of 2001, we will be setting up a dedicated wide-bore solid-state 400 MHz NMR spectrometer. Funding for the spectrometer was obtained from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. We are currently attending demo sessions in order to choose which spectrometer we will be purchasing.

In the meantime, we are conducting our experiments abroad, and working on syntheses and a variety of computations.

Here are some pictures of my research group and some other folks around the department.
Here is me at my desk! I attempted to wear shorts until the weather got too cold, but was foiled by a Colorado snow storm. Solid-State NMR group picture, October 2000, in the central part of campus: (L-R) Rob Schurko, Andy Lo, Ivan Hung and Siri Schauff. Here is everyone in the students office. Siri (Germany) and Andy (Hong Kong) are undergraduate project students. Ivan (Venezuela, in the middle) is my first grad student.
The future NMR room is pictured on the left - now it has a nice carpet in it, but that's about it. The even more thrilling picture on the right is the hallway leading to my office and computer room. The NMR lab is on the left, and the wet lab is on the right.
Some other faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
These pictures will eventually be available in our "Hunks of Chemistry" 2001 Calendar.
Prof. Doug Stephan, Organometallic Chemist and master grant writer. Here, he is seen planning renovations on his future "Cappucino Room". Prof. Bulent Mutus, Biochemist, patron of the arts and technophile. To purchase a Handspring organizer, please visit his website. Prof. Jim Green, Organic Chemist and golfer extraordinaire. 100% of those polled agree that we should nominate Jim Green. Prof. Keith Taylor, Director of the School of Physical Sciences and avid cyclist. I think this candid photo catches him coming out of the sun with his unusually dark glasses.
These pics and others were taken with our departmental digital camera. Of course, the comments on this page do not represent the opinion of the University of Windsor or any associated departments, and are a weak attempt at humour on the part of Rob Schurko. More pics to come!!!

Last modified on November 21, 2000.
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