Gallery 3 - ENC, March 2008 - Pebble Beach & 17 Mile Drive

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Pics from some of the beaches on 17 Mile Dr.

Flock of Idiots album cover


The famous "Lone Cypress"

(L-R) Rob Schurko, Mike Lumsden, Glenn Facey & Aaron Rossini

Mike and Glenn acting serious.

Mike having lunch at the club at Pebble Beach, prior to "the incident"

A plaque commemorating "der Binger"

The putting green at Pebble Beach

After walking near the links, Mike took a sliced golf ball full force in the hand. Zooming in on Aaron & Glenn will reveal they are laughing.

Mike grimacing in pain....

The hand

Searching for an icepack in Pebble Beach

Contented Glenn.

Last updated on 03/18/2008.