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Physical Chemistry Animation Index

Most of these animations are either Javascripts or Shockwave animations.

If anyone can provide information on the original authors of these animations, please email me at: so that they may be properly credited and linked

Please also visit my:
Optical Spectroscopy Animations Page
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Animations Page


Electromagnetic Wave - Java

Chapter 1: Gases

Phases of Matter at the Molecular Level (L1) - Java
Phases of Matter and Containers (L1) - Shockwave
Phases of Water - Java
Motion of Particles in Solids - Shockwave ISU
Ideal Gas Law (L2) - Java
Plotting the Ideal Gas Law (L2) - Java MSU
Elastic Collisions of Hard Spheres (L1)  - Java
Brownian Motion (L1) - Java
Ideal Atmosphere - (L3) Java - Phys. Chem. & Atmospheric Sciences UCI
Molecular Weights, Pressure and Average Molecular Speeds - Java
Maxwell Distribution (L3) - Java
Maxwell Distribution (L3) - UC Davis 
Kinetic Molecular Theory (L2, L3) - UC Davis
Van der Waals forces (L4)

Chapters 2 & 3: First Law of Thermodynamics - Concepts & Machinery

Cylinder Piston - Java - Long download, 1.6 MB - only on T1 or cable modem - UBuffalo - updated - Web
Gas and piston (L7) - Korea - Web
Gas in a piston - Shockwave - Web
Heat Capacity of a Calorimeter - Java
Bomb Calorimeter (L6) - Animated Gif
Combustion of Hydrocarbon Gases (L8) - Shockwave  ISU
Heat Capacity of Metals
(L6) (Metals in Water) - Shockwave ISU
Heat of Reaction
(L8) - Shockwave ISU
Heat of Solution (L8) - Shockwave

Chapters 4 & 5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics - Concepts & Machinery

Second Law of Thermodynamics (L10) - Java UCI
Nature of Irreversibility - The Happy Molecules (L10) - Java UCI
Carnot Heat Engine (L10) - Java
Another Carnot Heat Engine (L10) - Java
Yet another Carnot engine (L10)

Chapter 6: Physical Transformations of Pure Substances

Phase Transitions of Pure Elements in the Periodic Table - Java MSU
Dissolution of NaCl in Water - Shockwave ISU
Basilisk lizard - surface tension - AVI

Chapter 7: Thermodynamics of Mixtures

Henry's Law - dissolving oxygen in water
Mixing of gases and effusion* - Prentice Hall
The effects of osmosis on cells*
More effects of osmosis on cells*
Solutes, solvents and osmosis*
- molecules move from higher to lower concentration*
Osmosis in a cell*
Osmosis and gas diffusion*
Reverse osmosis*
- for water purification

Chapter 8: Phase Diagrams

Interactive Phase Diagrams - University of Southampton*
Phase Rules - J.B. Calvert, University of Denver, nice pictures & write-ups*
DoITPoMS Micrograph Library & Phase Diagrams - University of Cambridge*
Memory Metals - UWisc, Madison
Memory metal movie, phase transition - UWisc, Madison

The people credited below have obviously put in an enormous effort to render these graphics which eloquently illustrate important physical properties of matter.   Please visit their sites for more information.  Any information of the origin of the some of the other animations above would be greatly appreciated, so that their authors can be properly acknowledged.

Last Updated Monday November 12, 2007
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