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Final research presentations - April 2011

Presentations take place in 186 Essex Hall, and are open to the public.   Please invite your family and friends!

  April 27, 2011     April 28, 2011
Slot Time Speaker (Supervisor) Slot Time Speaker (Supervisor)
1 9:00 AM Canceled 13 9:00 AM Teo (Aroca)
2 9:20 AM Gharib (Pandey) 14 9:20 AM Roberto (Porter)
3 9:40 AM Kuthiala (Vacratsis) 15 9:40 AM Blanchard (Loeb)
4 10:00 AM Henkie (Green) 16 10:00 AM Tremblay (Pandey)
10:20 AM Coffee break   10:20 AM Coffee break
5 10:50 AM McLarty (Mutus) 17 10:50 AM Koncan (Vacratsis)
6 11:10 AM Mireault (Schurko) 18 11:10 AM Bazzi (Boffa)
7 11:30 AM Adams (Loeb) 19 11:30 AM Globarevic (Ananvoranich)
8 11:50 AM Ouellette (Heath) 20 11:50 AM Amyotte (Carmichael)
12:10 PM Lunch      
9 1:30 PM Elsdon (Macdonald)      
10 1:50 PM Craig (Boffa)      
11 2:10 PM Basra (Gauld)      
12 2:30 PM Dadwal (Pandey)      

List of speakers, titles, supervisors and readers

Adams, Carolyn
Cyclochiral Enantiomers of a [2]Rotaxane
Supervisor: Loeb
Reader: Green

Amyotte, Stanley
Patterning Conductive Metal Films Onto Elastomeric Surfaces Using Water Soluble Nanoparticles
Supervisor: Carmichael
Reader: Eichhorn

Basra, Avtinder
Iron Scavenging Protein - IsdC
Supervisor: Gauld
Reader: Johnson

Blanchard, Eric
A Metal Organic Framework as a Luminescent Chemical Sensor
Supervisor: Loeb
Reader: Eichhorn

Craig, Andrew
Identification of a Mechanism of TAFI Transcript Degradation
Supervisor: Boffa
Reader: Ananvoranich

Dadwal, Parvati
Halting the Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons Caused by Paraquat Injection using Post–Lesion Intervention with Water Soluble-CoQ10 in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease.
Supervisor: Pandey
Reader: Higgs

Elsdon, Cameron
Investigations Toward New Diphosphine Ligands for the Generation of P(I) Monomers and Oligomers
Supervisor: Macdonald
Reader: Loeb

Gharib, Elie
Small molecular weight compound as neuro protective agents
Supervisor: Pandey
Reader: Boffa

Globarevic, Vaso
Confirmation of the Stage-Specific Translational Regulation by LDH1 UTRs in Toxoplasma gondii
Supervisor: Ananvoranich
Reader: Mutus

Henkie, Jake
An Investigation into Indium (III) Chloride Catalysis with Alkene Cross Metathesis
Supervisor: Green
Reader: Eichhorn

Koncan, Christine
hYVH1 and its role within the cell cyle
Supervisor: Vacratsis
Reader: Boffa

Kuthiala, Rohit
Characterization of the Zinc Binding Domain in hYVH1
Supervisor: Vacratsis
Reader: Pandey

McLarty, Ryan
Endothelial Dysfunction and ER Stress: The Effects of Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 Expression on Cholesterol Levels and NO bioavailability
Supervisor: Mutus
Reader: Boffa

Mireault, Chris
An Ultra-Wideline 14N Solid-State NMR study of the Characterization and Differentiation of Pharmaceutical Polymorphs
Supervisor: Schurko
Reader: Eichhorn

Ouellette, Matthew
The effect of contaminant exposure on the mating behavior of a tolerant benthic fish (Ameiurus nebulosus)
Supervisor: Heath
Reader: Ananvoranich

Roberto, Don Karl
Defining Interaction Networks Involving SKP2 and SPY1 Proteins Involved in Human Cell Cycle Regulation and Oncogenesis
Supervisor: Crosby, Porter
Reader: Ananvoranich

Teo, Geok Yi
The Effect of Shell Thickness on Surface-Enhanced Fluorescence with Shell-Isolated Nanoparticles
Supervisor: Aroca
Reader: Eichhorn

Tremblay, Phillip
Chemo-resistant osteosarcoma and pancreatic carcinoma cells are sensitive to an analogue of pancratistatin and display synergism with curcumin
Supervisor: Pandey
Reader: Boffa

Research Progress Reports  -  March 2011

Tues. Mar. 1 and Wed. Mar. 2  Students must attend the entire session on the evening that they present.

Tues. Nov. 23 Wed. Nov. 24
Research Proposals  -  November 2010

Tues. Nov. 23 and Wed. Nov. 24, 2010.  Students must attend the entire session on the evening that they present.

Tues. Nov. 23 Wed. Nov. 24
Undergraduate Research Project Defences -  Winter 2009

Final Schedule - posted April 26, 2010
Room 186 Essex Hall
Click here to download a PDF version of the schedule

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Thursday, April 29, 2010
Slot Time Speaker Slot Time Speaker
1 9:00a Bajic (Ananvoranich) 14 9:00a Nano (Porter)
2 9:20 Mascaro (Green) 15 9:20 Djurdjevic (Green)
3 9:40 Chae (Vacratsis) 16 9:40 Prince (Vacratsis)
4 10:00 Caputo (Loeb) 17 10:00 Jariwala (Wang)
10:20 coffee break 10:20 coffee break
5 10:50 Kadri (Anavoranich) 18 10:50 Bhatia (Boffa)
6 11:10 Friedl (Macdonald) 19 11:10 Luo (Carmichael)
7 11:30 Scipione (Pandey) 20 11:30 Mahngar (Pandey)
8 11:50 Dunn (Loeb) 21 11:50 Divito (Aroca)
12:00p lunch 12:00p lunch
9 1:40 Yacoub (Loeb) 22 1:40 Rafo (Pandey)
10 2:00 Nunn (Rangan) 23 2:00 Dhaliwal (Green)
11 2:20 Sun (Mutus) 24 2:20 Afzal (Swan)
12 2:40 Wong (Loeb) 25 2:40  
13 3:00 Akbari-Asl (Pandey) 26 3:00

List of speakers, titles, supervisors and readers

Afzal, Shaheera
Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Maternal Effect Mutants
Supervisor: Swan; Reader: Pandey

Akbari-Asl, Pardis
Discovering the Mechanism of Apoptosis in Pancreatic Cancer Cells by Curcumin, Dandelion Root Extract and Pancratistatin
Supervisor: Pandey; Reader: Boffa

Bajic, Niki
The Effect of Varying Cholesterol Levels on Infection by Toxoplasma Gondii
Supervisor: Ananvoranich; Reader: Mutus

Bhatia, Nishant
Studying the role of Free Cysteines in TAFI
Supervisor: Boffa; Reader: Vacratsis

Caputo, Chris
Tetrahedral Pyridine Ligands as Active Components in Creating a Frustrated Lewis Pair Framework
Supervisor: Loeb; Reader: Johnson

Chae, Esther
Regulation of transcriptional effectors by tetra phosphorylation motif
Supervisor: Vacratsis; Reader: Ananvoranich

Dhaliwal, Sudagar
Bicatalytic Electrophilic Allylation and Cross Metathesis
Supervisor: Green; Reader: Dutton

DiVito, Lauren
Raman, Resonance Raman, and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Pigments Used in Works of Art
Supervisor: Aroca; Reader: Carmichael

Djurdjevic, Sinisa
Synthesis of dibenzo[a,c]cyclooctadienes via intramolecular Nicholas reaction
Supervisor: Green; Reader: Eichhorn

Dunn, Nick
Molecular Shuttles Incorporating Electrostatic Interactions
Supervisor: Loeb; Reader: Carmichael
Friedl, Warren
New Ligands for the Stabilization of Low Valent p-block Cations
Supervisor: Macdonald; Reader: Loeb

Jariwala, Abhishek
Study of Ce (IV) catalyzed 4-Aminophenol Bromate photochemical oscillator
Supervisor: Wang; Reader: Schurko

Kadri, Dema
The Use of Bioinformatics and the Dual Luciferase Assay to Determine the Effects of miRNA on Toxoplasma gondii
Supervisor: Ananvoranich; Reader: Boffa

Luo, Minmin
Monitoring Platelet Function via Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Supervisor: Carmichael; Reader: Eichhorn

Mahngar, Kevinjeet
CoQ10 prevents oxidative stress-induced senescence phenotype in normal and Alzheimer's disease fibroblasts
Supervisor: Pandey; Reader: Vacratsis

Mascaro, Colin
The One-Pot Synthesis of Primary Diarylmethanamines
Supervisor: Green; Reader: Wang, Z.

Nano, Eni
The Implications of Cortisol and Dexamethasone on Breast Cancer Progression
Supervisor: Porter; Reader: Ananvoranich

Nunn, Rebecca
Developing Nano-Particle Arrays via Electroless Deposition and Ultraviolet Selectivity
Supervisor: Rangan; Reader: Eichhorn

Prince, Jordan
Phosphorylation Regulation of Protein TAZ
Supervisor: Vacratsis; Reader: Pandey

Rafo, Natasha
Prophylactic Neuroprotection of Water Soluble CoQ10 on Substantia Nigra Neurons Subjected to Paraquat Toxicity in Old Rats
Supervisor: Pandey; Reader: Zhang

Scipione, Corey
Functional Characterization of a Small Molecular Weight Modulator of Bax
Supervisor: Pandey; Reader: Vacratsis

Sun, Bei Lei
Exploring the Role of Sphingomyelin Phosphodiesterase III in the Regulation of Plasma Membrane Cholesterol Content
Supervisor: Mutus; Reader: Ananvoranich

Wong, Linda
New Methodologies in the Synthesis of a Molecular Shuttle
Supervisor: Loeb; Reader: Wang

Yacoub, Joe
New Crown Ethers for Rotaxanes and MORFs
Supervisor: Loeb; Reader: Eichhorn

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