Welcome to the MUTUSLAB

 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

University of Windsor




PI: Dr. Bulent Mutus, PhD (U. Manitoba 1981)

     Professor and U. Windsor Research Chair

     phone: 519 253 3000 ext. 3533

     email: mutusb@uwindsor.ca



Research Focus:

We study type 2 diabetes-mediated changes in nitric oxide (NO) and redox signaling pathways in blood platelets and endothelial cells, with the objective of lowering the susceptibility of persons with type 2 diabetes to thrombotic diseases.


Specific Projects: 

1.           Imaging/Analytical probe development for NOx and thiols. 

2.  Role of plasma membrane composition in NO biosynthesis and diffusion. 

3.  Role of plasma forms of protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) in diabetes-related prothrombotic activity. 

4.  Role of ER stress in plasma membrane lipid composition. 

5.  Conformational constraints in PDI-substrate recognition.



- Arun Raturi is now a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Wolfram Ruf’s lab at the Scripps Research Institute.

- Shane Miersch is now a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Joshua LaBaer’s Lab at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics


Current Research Group:

     PhD candidates:

           Ms. Ruchi Chaube            chaube@uwindsor.ca

           Ms. Harman Kaur             kaurm@uwindsor.ca

           Ms. Suzie Durocher         sdurocher@uwindsor.ca

     MSc candidates:

           Ms. Rebecca Heeney       heen_b@hotmail.com

           Ms. Vasantha Kallaunta   madhu.kv@gmail.com

           Mr. Adam Faccenda         afacenda@hotmail.com



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