Research Interests

    Our current research activity spans three areas, say, nonlinear kinetics in homogeneous reaction systems, pattern formation in reaction-diffusion media and nonlinear instabilities in electrochemical reactions. Our interests in homogeneous (i.e. stirred) chemical systems focus on designing novel photochemical oscillators. In comparison to existing photosensitive chemical oscillators, there are two unique criteria in the proposed new oscillators: (1) the system does not react at all in the absence of light; and (2) its reactivity responses differently to light of different wavelengths. One of the focal points in biochemical systems is gaining insights into interactions of  enzymes in biochemical reactions. This is pursued via using cation beads loaded with metal catalysts to mimic enzymes.

    Our research in reaction-diffusion systems focuses on (1) new types of chemical patterns in a medium exhibiting complex reaction dynamics, and (2) interactions of chemical waves with various external forcing. This research is built on our success in studies of nonlinear instabilities in homogeneous systems, especially the establishment of novel photochemical oscillators. The influence of external forcing on pattern formation is focused on the situation in which, depending on the wavelength of the applied light, illumination has both inhibitory and constructive effects, i.e., inhibiting existing waves and initiating new patterns.

    Research projects in electrochemical reactions include (1) nonlinear instabilities in the photo-electrochemical oxidation of hydroquinones, and (2) development of modified electrodes and related chemical oscillations. Students in my group are encouraged to perform both experimental and theoretical studies of chemical dynamics. In addition, depending on the individual's interests, students may spend significant amount of time to work with various analytical instruments.